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Reviews, Patience, Agents and the Next Book

The four priorities in my writing life.

Trying to get reviews is tough. It has and always will be. And that's why patience is important. Trying to get people to read a book is difficult and takes time. For one thing they have to enjoy reading, then they also have to be interested in the book on offer and then they need the time to dedicate towards it. And I have to wait for all of these factors to fall into place, whilst pushing and pushing the book.

So in the the mean time I'm also sending chapters to agents. That long road of emails, waiting, and then return emails which include a template reply of no.

And this is the process. Pushing, asking for readers and sending emails. And waiting.

'Please can you dedicate forty hours of your life to my work?'


And that's when the next book comes in. Throughout all of this, my head is thinking about the next one. Why wouldn't it? That's what I love most out of writing books. Writing them. I'm not a salesman or have a love for marketing. I want to write.

And I wrote a rough draft of Typecast during lockdown and i'm really excited about it.

So in between pushing and emails, maybe I'll spend some of that waiting time editing and writing.

Surely Typecast won't take over all of my time.


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