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Front cover of novel Star Blazer. Book available in paperback or kindle.
Front cover of novel Smoke. Book available in paperback or kindle.
Star Blazer


Fuelled by his fear and hatred for humankind, a Father relocates to a tropical island where he and his family can live out their lives in peace and purity. 

Once there, everything is perfect... 

...until he learns that he can never truly escape his species or more importantly himself.



A story of mortality played against a backdrop of human extinction.


David - Taken from his life with Rachel. Held in a cement room, unable to escape the building and the surrounding wood. Fed, watered and healed, he waits to find out why he was removed from the world.

Joe - Bullied and beaten as a child. Forced into retaliation and eventually moulded into a vigilante. Fights local gangs until extreme measures force him to leave London for a world unknown.

The Nameless Man - Roams the land in his camper van, killing to survive.


The end of man will happen. As a result these three stories will overlap.



A young man attempts to find some direction in his life, while caught in a seemingly endless loop of partying on a beach in Thailand and working back in England, saving for the next trip to paradise.

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