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Fear of the Unknown

I'm releasing Star Blazer to the world this weekend. It's exciting, but it's also scary. How will people perceive it? Will they find holes in it? Will they tell me, or will it just exist faulty faulty (see what I did there?) without my knowledge? I've read it over and over, but who knows? After so many times I can't help but scan over each page now.

Here's the big one though - will anyone actually read it?

And I don't mean buy it. It's not about making money. I mean actually read it.

For me it's about writing a story and hoping that the story will entertain and maybe make the reader feel something (hopefully a feeling other than hatred for the book). It's about someone other than a friend or family member reading it and then recommending it to someone they know. Sharing it with them. Lending it (save the trees!) And of course it's about them reviewing it on Amazon and Goodreads!!!! Nudge nudge.

It's an odd feeling spending so much time creating something and then handing it over to the world (or a few people, or my Mum) and accepting that they could rip it to pieces (Mum will say nice things by the way).

'Hey, here's a piece of my heart and soul. Would you mind taking a look? See what you think.' He asked the stranger.

'Sure.' The stranger replied.



'So, what do you think?'

'It sucks, so you suck.'

Scary stuff.

But please please please, tell me if you think it sucks. Tell me if you spot any problems.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. It doesn't suck. Read it. x

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