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Competing with a Drug Producer for an Online Presence

Okay. So I'm currently reading up on how to improve my online presence.

The aim is to sell myself. My author self, to be more specific. Not focus on the books too much. Spread my name. I feel I'm lucky there. My name is quite unique. And yes, it is my real name.

From what I have read so far, I have two goals to begin with:

1. To get a Wikipedia page.

2. Gain a knowledge panel on Google.

Once I have these, then I'll have some kind of Google stamp of approval that I'm real and that I write books. They won't tell you if I write good books. You'll have to judge that for yourselves, but hey, good books is in my website address. See I'm already sending out subliminal messages. And yes, I know you're thinking of the number seven right now.

Oh yeah, I Googled myself. See where I am at. No knowledge panel on the right side of the search. That's good. Nobody has that. It's available.

One problem. There's another James Toogood out there.

My competition ladies and gentlemen....

....The competition is fierce. Wish me luck.


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